You know how you just go and join a wine club?  NO?  You mean that’s not the norm?!  Well, a couple of months ago I did just that so I needed to add storage in my dining room for all this wine.  I had no room for a piece of furniture but I did have a wall that had pictures of the kids, which they hated.  I found these Wine Wall Mount Racks and took a chance!  So down with those pics and up with the mommy juice!!  LOL, now before you get on your high horse, they have been moved to a better location and I have promised to exchange the embarrassing pictures with vacation pictures!! Fun, right?

I love how they turned out and I have ordered three more!!  Trust me, I shopped around and you just can’t beat this deal on these racks.  The reviews on these wine racks were mixed.  Some worried about how they were shipped and that they had bent.  We had a couple of the bottle holders bent too, but they were easy to bend right back into position and look great up.

The wine club I joined has a huge discount on cases of wine so I decided to stock up so I never have an issue when company is here.  Did I totally mention that you can earn FREE wine through this club too?  No joke!! All I had to do was refer 3 people and BAM I got my wine for free.  If you want more info you can just comment or message me and I will fill you in, but I have a feeling this will be the next BIG thing.

So it turned out beautiful, right?  It’s like art on the wall that you can drink!!  Here is a pic of the wall and curtain.  Three more racks will definitely fill this space.  I can’t wait and I will share the finished look with you all.  I guess I better get another case of wine delivered.

Sorbus® Wall Mount Wine Rack details:

  • Stores nine standard wine and Champagne bottles
  • Can add multiple racks vertically to add even more design and space
  • Stores each bottle in individual, separate compartments
  • Stores bottles horizontally, keeping the cork moist so wines last longer
  • Perfect for any wine lover from the amateur to the connoisseur,Great home décor piece or gift item

Now to work on being a wine connoisseur!  I guess I better go pop a cork and get to practicing!!  even if I am not a professional taster I think my wall of wine makes it look like I am.

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon