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The wine club that is changing the game for network marketing!

Direct Cellars (Get it? Sellers?) was founded in 2014 by David DiStefano, based in Ft Myers, FL, with a subscription based service that provided customers with monthly wines from over 2,000 boutique wineries around the world.  The company made the genius decision to convert the club to a direct sales model in mid-2016, after realizing that most of their customers were referred by word of mouth.  Direct Cellars’ official launch is February 24, 2017, at their “Uncorked” event in Las Vegas, and I’m glad I made the decision to partner with the company as a Founding Elite member before the launch.  Direct Cellars is the only MLM based wine club that provides the ability for both distributors and customers to receive four free bottles of artisan wines, not easily found in stores, every month through their referral program, for the life of your membership!

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So the first question I asked myself when I began researching the club was obviously, “How is the wine?”.  I’m no connoisseur, but I do enjoy a good bottle of Cabernet or Pinot Noir, and on occasion, I’ll pair a glass of Chardonnay with a light fish or chicken entree.  So far, I’ve really enjoyed every wine.  My wife and I have limited wine education, and historically purchase cases of the same Cabernet at Costco, so it’s been a lot of fun exploring wines that we never would’ve bought on our own.  And since our monthly auto ship preferences (red/white/both) can be changed any time, we have some control over what’s coming.

Direct Cellars has professional sommeliers who hand select and personally taste every wine before adding it to the portfolio, and every bottle comes with tasting notes that describe the history of the region and winery, the process used to create the wine, and pairing and cooking advice.  This isn’t “Two Buck Chuck” or the cheap wine you’d normally pick up at the store; in fact, most of the wines are sourced in small batches from small family-owned artisan wineries that you’d likely never even knew existed without the club!

There are two monthly subscription options: 2 bottles for $50 or 4 bottles for $80.  You can specify all red, all white, or half and half.  Both subscriptions options include all tax, shipping, and handling, and include a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  At $20 per bottle, that’s really no more than an average bottle of wine from the corner store, which is exceptional, given most network marketing companies’ pricing markup required in order to pay distributors (more on the comp plan below).  The idea behind the club is to expand your palate and try new wines each month, but if you truly don’t like something in your box, all it takes is a phone call to Direct Cellars and they’ll send you another bottle, completely free – you keep the one you didn’t like.  If you want more, you can order at club prices, well below retail.  Direct Cellars has a 93% customer retention rate, so you know the wines are great.  Everything is online, and best of all, both distributors and customers can:

With the 3-and-free referral program, both distributors AND customers can get their monthly subscription completely FREE, even if you are on the $80 subscription and all 3 of your referrals order the $50 plan!  When I saw that I could save the $5,000 I spend annually on wine and never pay for it again just for referring 3 people, I was done, sign me up.

That alone has caused many people to join the club as customers.  We all love to drink and talk about wine at social gatherings anyway, so why not tell your friends how to get it for free?  Customers pay no membership fees, so once you lock down 3 referrals, your $80 per month 4-bottle subscription will ship completely FREE, every month that your 3 referrals also order.  And distributors earn commission on ALL FOUR orders, even the free one!  Forget the MLM residual income opportunity, that alone makes Direct Cellars unique in all the world.

Join us at Direct Cellars

I have extensive experience in network marketing, and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in other MLM’s.  I learned about Direct Cellars from a contact that I met through other MLM endeavors, thankfully before the public launch even occurred, so I was able to get in early (it’s STILL early, your friends don’t know about this yet)!  I was immediately intrigued when I heard the word, “wine”.  The one most common reason that people fail with any direct sales venture is self doubt and their inability to effective promote the product they represent.  Whether it’s heath and fitness, skin care, makeup, or some other product set, it takes relentless outreach and thick skin to keep pushing past all the “No’s”.  Wine is different.  Everyone is already buying and sharing about wine.  We all have it in our homes, we take it to dinner parties and social gatherings, we give it as birthday and holiday gifts.  Wine is EASY to talk to people about, we’re already doing it!  And FREE wine with no commitment beyond referring 3 friends to try the club removes the fear that most people have about ‘selling’ something.  This is an opportunity for people with no network marketing experience to finally succeed at it.  It’s genius.

Direct Cellars has a dual compensation plan – both a binary AND a uni-level plan. This is unique in that it gives us the ability to quickly earn income from a downline, but adds the stability of a uni-level that pays 9 levels deep and a check match that pays 4 levels deep.

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Every time someone joins your wine club as a distributor, you get a fast-start bonus of 50%.  There are two start up options:

  1. Premium Wine Lover ELITE (PWLE), $500 includes:
    12 bottles of wine (6 each of 2 reds, 6 each of 2 whites, or 6 each red/white)
    3 YEARS of prepaid business fees (you’ll know how huge this is if you’re familiar with network marketing)
    40% off club prices on future reorders (12 bottle cases are about $150 at this price!)
    $250 instant commission when you sign a PWLE distributor, regardless of whether you are PWL or PWLE
  2. Premium Wine Lover (PWL), $250 includes:
    4 bottles of wine (2 each of 2 reds, 2 each of 2 whites, or 2 each red/white)
    1 year of prepaid business fees
    20% off club prices on future reorders (12 bottle cases are about $200 at this price!)
    $125 instant commission when you sign a PWL distributor, regardless of whether you are PWL or PWLE

Direct Cellars associates business volume (BV) with every new customer and distributor membership sign up.  Anytime a new distributor or customer joins the club, they are placed at the bottom of either a left or right leg in the physical network genealogy in your online back office.  Each week, all of the volume from new memberships is added up from each of your legs, and you are paid a percentage of the volume produced on the weaker leg, based on how many distributors you’ve personally sponsored.  It only takes 9 to maximize the comp plan at 20%!


The Uni-level plan is where the stable, long-term income is produced.  Personally sponsored distributors that you sign are your level 1, their personally sponsored distributors are your level 2, and so on, until the bottom levels of the comp plan are reached.  Every week, you earn a payout from your distributors’ auto-ship volume along with the summation of all of their customers’ recurring order volume.  With each rank advancement you achieve from signing another PWL, you get paid another level deeper into your downline, until the max of 9 levels has been reached when you are a Master Cellar.

Additionally, you are paid a weekly check match on the total combined binary and uni-level payout of your distributors, up to 4 levels deep when you reach at least Wine Specialist by signing 4 PWL’s.  It doesn’t matter how many level one distributors you have, you are paid on their volume according to the chart below!







  • Refer 3 customers and your wine is FREE (both distributors and customers)
  • Fast-start bonuses of $125-$250
  • Binary compensation on the front-end for faster earnings
  • Unilevel compensation on the back-end for long-term residuals
  • Check match bonuses up to 10% for helping your team

Join us at Direct Cellars

Direct Cellars provides opportunities for business partners and customers to learn from ‘The Wine Whisperer’ with full audio and video series dedicated to help you learn more about how to evaluate – and most importantly – ENJOY the wine you drink.

This not only helps when you inevitably hold a tasting party and talking wine with your friends, but if you have ANY interest in wine at all – it’s very interesting!  Product education is important in any company, and the wine business is no different!

Now is the time. There is no competition, there is nothing like our 3-and-free referral program, and by the end of the year, Direct Cellars will be a household name in the network marketing industry.  Direct sales comp plans reward those who recognize the opportunity early on, and as of this writing, February 2017, there are only 8,000 distributors.  There will be hundreds of thousands once word gets out about FREE WINE THAT PAYS.

Are you ready to Get In, Get Wine, and Get Social??

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