It's no secret that we love our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited.  We've wanted a 4 door Wrangler for a decade, and finally decided to go for it in May 2016.  I had the dealership install a 3 inch lift, custom wheels, 35 inch tires, and 6" tubular side rails before I took it off the lot, then I had the windows tinted the first week.  We've customized it quite a bit since then.  It's really not that expensive to make your Jeep your own.  Here's a quick list of everything we've installed, and what's next on our list.  Read on to see pictures and instructions for installation!

And in the near future!:

Rugged Ridge HID 7" fog lights for front bumper

I installed these Rugged Ridge offroad lights myself in about 2 hours with no drilling required.  They require mounts specific to your Wrangler model, year, and/or bumper type, so I didn't list the mounts I bought, but keep in mind that the lights don't come with the mounts.  They do however come with the wiring harness and on/off switch, which were easy to run and mount on my dash.  These lights are bright! I'll be adding a windshield bar this year with 5 more just like them.

Maximus-3 rear tire mount sport package with brake light

I had the dealership install this Maximus-3 rear tire mount with optional hi-lift jack carrier.  It holds up to a 40" tire (mine are 35") and has a height adjustable brake light. I'll be ordering this 60" Hi-Lift offroad jack to go in it soon!

Harken hoist for lifting and storing up to 200 lb hard top easily

The Harken hoist has been a life saver.  It did take me about 4 hours to install in the garage, but was totally worth every penny and minute.  It holds up to 200 pounds, and given it's numerous pulleys offsetting the weight, I can hoist the hard top to the ceiling and back down with one hand in 2 minutes.  The hardest part of the installation was squaring up and leveling out the 2x4's in the ceiling, which must be bolted into studs to support the weight.  After ensuring they were in the right location, directly over where I park the Jeep, it was fairly easy to pre drill holes and screw in the included hardware.  Now the hoist line just sits off to the side wall, and it literally takes 5 minutes to remove the hard top and hoist it up, where it stays for most of the summer.

Easy on/off hard top fasteners

Although our new Jeep came with the MOPAR brand hard top removal kit, it's MUCH faster to replace the 6 factory bolts that secure the hard top with these easy on/off screws.  They are definitely part of the reason it only takes me 5 minutes to take the hard top off!

Self built wall mounted door hangers

I built these heavy duty door hangers myself for about $30, using 4 of these Lehigh padded arm hangers and a 2x12 board.  Each hanger holds 50 pounds, and after I secured the board to the wall using 3" lag bolts into studs, I secured the hangers to the board using two 2" lag bolts each.  The doors are a little heavy to lift up over the hangers - no big deal for me, but Shannon probably couldn't get them up there on her own, so keep that in mind when you are determining mounting height!

McGard door locks, set of 4

These door locks are pretty self explanatory.  They replace the bottom bolt that secures the lift-out doors onto the Jeep body, so that the doors can't be removed without the key.  Prevent theft!

AntennaX 13" off road low profile antenna

This one was a quick switch that took one minute.  I literally unscrewed the factory metal antenna with my hand and screwed this low profile antenna in hand-tight.  Reception is great, and it's half the height and looks much more heavy duty than the shiny metal factory antenna.

MOPAR Jeep logo towel seat covers

It gets HOT at the beach in the summer, and these leather seats will melt your legs off if the Jeep sits outside in the sun for more than 15 minutes.  These Jeep logo'd towel-like seat covers solved that problem.  They are designed to pull over the headrest and hang loosely on the seat.  Quick and easy to remove, perfect for riding around in the sun.  We actually bought a set for the kids to use in the back seat too, after this picture was taken.

Husky front floor liners for 07-16 Wrangler 2 or 4 door

Since we live at the beach, we are constantly tracking sand into our vehicles.  We also love to throw the kayaks on top of the Jeep and head over to the inlet across the street on a weekly basis.  These floor mats are heavy duty and hold all of that sand and mud in.  We just shake and rinse them off in the driveway with the hose.

Husky rear floor liner for 14-16 Wrangler 4 door

Huskey cargo liner for 11-16 Wrangler 4 door

Jeep hair don't care embroidered ball cap

Shannon LOVES this ball cap.  The only problem with keeping the top off all summer is Jeep hair (for her, I'm bald LOL).  She wears this hat everywhere we go if the top is off.

Jeep hair don't care women's tank top

She also bought this tank to wear as a coverup when we run over to the beach for the day or to kayak.  Gotta love Jeep hair don't care.

SO...  This year, I've got a lot on my upgrade list, starting with these!

Rock crawler tubular offroad doors, set of 4

I love riding around with the Jeep totally stripped down, but with a Jeep full of my precious lady cargo, I'm a little nervous about someone falling out or being hit by another car.  So I'm ordering these tubular door guards this spring.  They even have a mount to place the mirrors on them!

Smittybilt bikini top

I'm also going to grab up this Smittybilt bikini top, so we'll have some shade during the month of August when it's sunny and 100°+ for weeks in Myrtle Beach.  Perfect for keeping in the back for quick install when we get hit with summer showers.

Rugged Ridge tail light guards

I just like these tail light guards.  They're a cheap way to bulk up the industrial look of the Jeep, and definitely on my short term upgrade list!

Rugged Ridge windshield 5-light bar


Shannon and I may disagree on the type of windshield light bar that we want, but we definitely agree on getting one.  I prefer the slim 50-light LED bar, and she likes this old school 5-light bar.  Happy wife happy life, so this is the one we're going with.  I do think it will look cool with the same red-rimmed 7" RidgeHID lights that are on our front bumper.

Olympic door mounted mirror

Although the tubular door guards have a mount to install the factory mirrors to, I'll probably snag a set of these quick install mirrors as well, just in case I go out without the door guards on.  They sit in the top door mount and bolt in from the bottom, quick and easy.

So that's it - for now LOL.  I've found that owning a Jeep is kind of like owning a Harley (I ride a 2012 Heritage Softail Classic).  You're NEVER done upgrading it.  It's that time of year again, as we move into spring i know I'll be getting Jeep fever soon, so these upgrades are going to happen SOON!  Everybody loves Jeeps - we get SO many comments on this beast every time we go out in it.  Jeepers for life!