Pet Water FountainWhen Maya came along Lexie’s bowl of water just wasn’t working anymore.  It was constantly empty and then I would feel guilty not knowing how long it was empty and who was terribly thirsty.  As I have said before, Lexie is quiet and will just patiently sit and wait for what she needs.  LOL it’s a blessing and a curse!  Now that we have the Pet Water Fountain those worries are gone!!

On our trip to Jason’s mother this past Christmas our pups were mesmerized with her new Pet Water Fountain. We have never seen them drink so much.  Our 10 year old Schnoodle has never been a big drinker and at times I have had to “trick” her into drinking.  She has had issues with bladder infections in the past so anytime I feel she’s not drinking enough I would stand there asking her to drink.  I know you are like WHAT???  But I would ask her to drink and tap her water.  When she would tire of this game she would eventually drink a little to get me to quit.  Ha ha!!  Sometimes adding an ice cube to her water would help coax her to drink.  Now that we have this fountain I see her drinking multiple times every day.  It is amazing and I wish I would have found this sooner!!  Not to mention she is drinking filtered water.

I have noticed that both dogs enjoy drinking from the actual fountain and we only have to fill it a little maybe every couple of days.  You do have to replace the carbon filters that keep the water clean and fresh.  We have found that we need to replace them around the 2 month marker so make sure you have them ordered and ready for when it’s time.

Features for this Pet Fountain include –
  • Suitable for small and medium size pets, Water Capacity: 1.8L.
  • Continuously flowing water attracts and encourages pets to drink more water and keeps your pets hydrated.
  • Activated carbon filter keeps water fresher and cleaner
  • Beautiful blue LED light for nighttime illumination, Silent operation.
  • 12V Low voltage power supply for your own and pet safety


Another perk, which you might not even consider, is it is very calming like a decorative fountain.  The motor is quiet and you just hear the relaxing trickle of water.  I typically work in the living room by it and find it very relaxing.

Remember a hydrated pup is a healthy pup!!!

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon