I am not a professional pet groomer and I don’t claim to be (or play one on tv HAHA), but I have been grooming my Schnoodle for 10 years.  My old pet grooming clippers came from one of the big box stores that I got for cheap. They were always an ordeal (nightmare) to use come grooming day.  That all changed once I invested in the Oster Golden A5 Single Speed Pet Grooming Clippers!  These clippers seriously changed the whole experience to something we both enjoy now!!

So why did I start grooming my Schnoodle?

My girl has always has crazy anxiety about going to a groomer and any animal place for that matter.  I know this sounds insane, but she doesn’t think she’s a dog!  I know, I know….this is coming from the crazy dog lady, but seriously she doesn’t bark and she doesn’t like to be around other dogs yelping to their people.  When we tried to take her to places like this she would come back home very nervous and anxious and it would last for days to a week!  She feels the same about being boarded too, luckily we have a great lady who allows approved pets in her home for when we travel.

Anyway, I digress, we started grooming her at a very young age.  It was always a struggle to do and if I didn’t keep the cheap clippers constantly oiled it would pull her hair. Even with oiling I would have to stop and clean them out, it was a disaster and I can’t believe I pushed through using them for as long as I did. I was chatting with the vet around 6 years ago about this issue and he recommended me try the Oster Golden A5 Single Speed Pet Grooming Clippers.  I came home and ordered them that day.  (I also ordered the Oster 4F blade to replace the #10 blade that comes with it. I found the #10 to short for the Schnauzer cut and feel I was going for.) I was simply amazed with the first use at how much easier it was to groom her!  We both look forward to grooming day now!!  Seriously look at how relaxed she is!All was good and then we decided to get a puppy!!  LOL!  Welcome to the family Maya Bean!  Maya is a 5 month old Liver Pepper Schnauzer (Liver Pepper is the color of her coat for you non-schnauzer peeps) and when she came home I was anxious about grooming her.  She has a more outgoing and social personality so I don’t think that she would have any issues going to a groomer and may even enjoy it.  I had the clippers so why not give it a try, if it didn’t work I would just take her to a groomer.  I am not going to say grooming a 3 month puppy was easy but it was definitely doable.  Each time I groom her it gets easier and easier too!  Treats are a huge help!!  I think without the smooth glide of the Oster clippers that I would have given up and handed her over.

I got these clippers 6 years ago and haven’t had the first bit of trouble.  The hubs oils them probably annually with Oster Blade Lubricating Oil.  They state not to use them over 20 minutes due to them getting warm.  Our old clippers would get hot …. I am talking burn your skin hot.  The Oster Pet Grooming Clippers get warm but just like holding a cup of warm cocoa not burn your flesh off hot.  I am done before 20 minutes if only grooming one dog but with two it may take a little longer than that, but I typically give them breaks or treats, so this isn’t an issue.  If you have a bigger dog and think you may take more than 20 minutes you could always use Oster Kool Lube Coolant.  I have a friend with a giant and she swears by this stuff.

Features I like about these clippers –
  • The long cord is super nice!!  My old clippers kept me close to the wall and limited in movement.  These clippers have a long cord that I can work on a table or move down to the ground without even thinking of the reach.
  • I mentioned this, but it’s definitely important that it doesn’t get hot!
  • If you need a different length besides the #10 blade that comes with the clippers they offer the Oster Professional Care 10-Piece Universal Comb Set so you can easily snap them on and get the length cut you desire.
  • It is powerful and isn’t going to stutter through the thickest cuts.

I can only imagine how much money these clippers have saved me over the six years I have had them.  My girls don’t have to stress over a grooming visit and honestly I look forward to having the time with them.  LOL I find it a relaxing now to groom them!  I know that might sound crazy but it just seems to be a bonding time with them.

 As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon