My poor sweet Schnoodle definitely has anxiety issues.  I talked with you guys about how she doesn’t like boarding or going to the groomer due to it stressing her out.  Well imagine her when a builder started construction in our bankrupt neighborhood.  Yea, she was not happy!  Neither was the hubs and I am sure that didn’t help matters.  It affected her health in the form of a urinary tract infection, but those days are over now that we found this natural urinary tract remedy for pets.  Urinary Tract Health is vital for happy pets.

It started with signs of wanting to go out more than usual and I eventually decided to go out and see what was going on with her.  I quickly saw her running and squatting over and over.  When she came in she couldn’t seem to get comfortable.  So off to the vet and they discovered she had an infection.  The vet visit and antibiotics HOLY Pocketbook, let’s just say it was an unexpected bill.  So why wouldn’t I look into a natural prevention?

I found my answer with NaturVet Cranberry Relief and she hasn’t had to see the vet since.  Basically when I see her start to show signs, I give her this in her food.  She immediately feels better! It has been a little over 4 years and she hasn’t had any issues that progressed into an infection.  This is definitely a two paws up product and I wish I would’ve known about it years ago when I had a cat that could not get over his urinary issues.  It would have made Elvis’ life so much better.

NaturVet info –
  • Recommended to help support a healthy urinary tract.
  • Specially formulated with Echinacea to provide essential immune support to help maintain overall health.
  • Tasty, Powder 50g for Dogs and Cats over the age of six weeks. Give recommended amount twice a day for one to three weeks, for maintenance give no more than twice weekly.
  • Active Ingredients per Enclosed 1cc Scoop: Cranberry Extract, Echinacea Purpurea, Vitamin C and Oregon Grape Root.
  • All NaturVet products are veterinarian formulated and manufactured in the USA in an FDA audited, cGMP compliant facility.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Let me know if you try this with one of your sweet fur kids!!

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon