I try to get away from as many chemicals as possible and that includes products for my pets.  So I started to look for a natural flea remedy for my pup’s and family’s health.  After almost giving up with endless searching I found Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito ControlThe hubs is always the biggest critic on any natural products so I know it had to work to pass his test.

I always cringed at the thought of the monthly treatments containing harsh chemicals for my pets and the family who can’t seem to keep their hands off my furry cuties while it dries.  So I said BYE BYE to Frontline years ago and thought I was in the clear, but last year (new house, new yard) I noticed my Schnoodle scratching and when I inspected I saw a flea.  The hubs was quick to state she needed Frontline, but I was convinced there was a better way.  This natural flea spray was the trick!

I sprayed it on and she instantly quit scratching.  The oils help soothe their skin.  Extra benefit!!!  I actually saw a flea jumping off of her!!  Of course, the hubs didn’t believe me so we had to go outside and find a mosquito swarm to spray and watch their reaction…. and it was the same the swarm quickly left our yard!  This is saying something as we live across from the marshy inlet, trust me, we have crazy swarms of mosquitos.  I continued to spray her around every three days or so and we had no more flea issues.  Schnoodle wasn’t a big fan of being sprayed, but what I found was to quickly spray her all over and then take my hands and massage it in.  She seems to do better with that over me firing spray shots at her.  A benefit for me is I love the smell of the oils and it is a huge bonus that it will not stain pets, furniture, or flooring.

This summer I can’t wait to try their new yard spray!!  I think that will make our back yard cookouts a little more bearable!  They also have a shampoo bar of soap for pets that I will be trying soon and I will report back my thoughts.

The only negative is that you do have to spray it on them every 3-4 days but I keep it by the back door and it has become a ritual in the spring and summer to grab it and douse them.  I love the smell but you all know I am in to essential oils, sage, and incense so I gravitate to natural smells.  I also love the smell of lemongrass but it can catch you off guard as it’s strong.

The benefit of the Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick, and Mosquito spray is –
  • Kills the flea & tick lifecycle! Wondercide offers a safe & effective alternative to monthly chemical pesticides like drops, pills, bombs, dips & sprays.
  • Fresh lemongrass scent with aromatherapeutic qualities: Revitalizing, Invigorating, Uplifting! No Clove, pyrethrins or toxic ingredients. Kills and repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes.
  • Use on pets, bedding, flooring, carpet, furniture and fabrics. Non-staining!
  • Safe for dogs & cats of all sizes and ages. It stops itching and scratching, comforts dry skin and hot spots, and is pH balanced for healthy skin and a fresh smelling coat. 
  • 100% naturally derived + Made in USA. Human-grade ingredients. Safe around children.

I bought the 16 oz bottle and it lasted me all spring and summer, in fact, I still have a little left.  (That was for only one medium dog last year.)

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon