This is the best quality and priced stevia extract I have found. I've been using the liquid version for several years now and I recommend Now Better Stevia to anyone looking for a sugar or artificial sweetener alternative.  Prior to using this product, I used other stevia powders and STOPPED  because they have too many additives, like maltodextrin, dextrose (glucose, i.e., sugar) and erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol derived from corn. Most commercial corn products come from genetically-modified corn. This product gets the nod from quite a few health-related websites. It contains nothing but de-ionized water, certified organic stevia extract and 11% alcohol. The alcohol really does not bother me, as the alcohol content is roughly equivalent to that found in vanilla extract. Besides, the amount of stevia needed to sweeten anything is very, very small. I seriously use a couple of drops in my coffee and it is very sweet. Eight ounces will last quite a long time.

Here are some of the reasons I love Now Better Stevia as a sweetener:

- Weight management: Stevia rebaudiana contains little to no sugars, calories or carbohydrates.
- Cravings: The sweet taste lasts longer than sugar’s.
- Diabetes and Hypoglycemia: it does not create an insulin response and actually nourishes the pancreas which helps regulate blood sugar
- Cariovascular: it lowers blood pressure
- Fights Cavities: it's an antibacterial and it’s sugar-like compounds do not feed oral bacteria.
- Blood Sugar: Stevioside can improve function of the hormone insulin, helping to lower blood sugar levels.
- Cholesterol: The active compounds have led to numerous health benefits in animal studies, including reduced oxidized LDL cholesterol.
- No Adverse Effects: Overall, it has an outstanding safety profile and no adverse effects have been reported in the human studies.

This product is seriously one of my must haves on a daily basis.  If only for my coffee!!!  LOL

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo - Shannon