On Sunday’s I curl up on the couch and spend time reading a book that is meaningful to me.  One of my favorite books is “Present Over Perfect”. I find that certain times of the year I get in a slump and need a positive book that is going to lift my spirit and give me positivity and confidence to move forward.

This book spoke to my soul deeper than any book I’ve read or perhaps it was the timing in my life I needed to hear it most. I have a hard time with pushing myself too hard and being disappointed if I am anything but perfect.  When My kids were younger I tended to push them too.  It wasn’t until my thyroid hemorrhaged (or exploded) that I realized that I had to slow down and quit putting so much pressure on myself. I read this and had a nice cleansing cry throughout the last two chapters.  “Present Over Perfect” helps you find stillness and focus in your soul in a world that is constantly pulling you.

Instead of pushing for perfection

If you are tired, worn down from pushing and stretching yourself and being driven by perfectionism, pleasing others, and achievement, this book is for you. It is rest for your soul and encourages love and connection in the place of autopilot living.

I would love to here if you read this or what books have helped your soul.

As always Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all!!!
XoXoXo – Shannon